History of GCC/Teamster Local 100M

On October 8, 1889, 13 printing pressmen locals from Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Troy, Boston, Toronto, Denver, Detroit, Louisville, Seattle, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. met at 98 Forsyth Street in lower Manhattan to forge a stronger and more democratic voice for their craft.

With the inclusion of press assistants eight years later and through mergers in 1973 with the Stereotypers/Electrotypers International Union and in 1983 with the Graphic Arts International Union, the International Printing Pressmen’s Union of North America marched toward the goal pledged in its first Constitution and Laws: to organize “for out mutual protection, education and social advancement.” For 100 years, the IPPU has fought diligently to better working conditions for those who labour in the proud tradition of their craft.