President’s Message August 2013

Greetings All,

Summer is in full swing and I hope everyone is enjoying the great Canadian weather!
May was an interesting month for our Local ̶ we were very busy and attended two conferences. The first conference was the Unity conference that served as a preliminary insight to the Teamsters Canada Convention and was held in Quebec City from July 2 to July 4th. The second conference was the North American Newspaper Conference (NANC) and was held in Scottsdale Arizona from May 20th to May 24th.

The NANC is an important conference for our newspaper division people because the problems in the Newspaper Industry for GCC members are almost identical across North America. In Edmonton, the newspaper publisher outsourced the product which resulted in a loss of work for the entire bargaining unit. Doesn’t that sound exactly like what the Toronto Star Publisher had talked about three years ago?

Vancouver is going into a contract renewal. The publisher there hired Jack Ryan as a Newspaper “Specialist” ̶ we know Mr. Ryan as a time study hatchet man. Ryan conducted two time studies at the Toronto Star Vaughn facility in the 90’s and proved to be no friend of labour. We imparted this knowledge onto the Brothers and Sisters of the Vancouver Local.

In early May, Frank and I renegotiated a three year deal with the Hamilton Spectator Newspaper. These negotiations were done over the span of four days. The Human Resources Director of that division of Tor Star, Jamie Pulhmann, called and inquired about our immediate availability. We were required to negotiate a collective agreement within a very narrow window of time. We responded with one week of availability and presented some conditions to Jamie. Primarily, we were concerned with removing all/or most of the concessions that the employer brought to the last round of bargaining, only one-year prior. The employer agreed and the deal was done in short order and ratified one week later.

In the month of June, the Teamsters Canada Convention was held in Quebec City. Secretary/Treasurer Brother Greg Morley and I attended this event as delegates, while Executive Vice President Brother Frank Mandarino was an alternate. The convention was uneventful due to the lack of elections; all the officers and Executive board members ran for their respective positions unopposed.

As usual, July has been a quiet month as most of our members are planning family time with their loved ones. As Canadians, most of us work through the cold winters and rainy springtime to enjoy the beautiful Canadian summer.

Our local Golf Tournament is on August 12th. We have the largest contingent to-date already signed up and the day will undoubtedly be fantastic once again. I would personally like to thank all the participants and sponsors in advance of this outing, without whom the tournament would not take place.

Reminder to all GCC/IBT Local 100M members, we have Union Lawyers on retainer to deal with workplace problems. We also have a WSIB Specialist who possesses vast knowledge of the inner workings of the organization. Please be aware that as a member of this union, each and every Brother and Sister is entitled to these services.

In closing, I sincerely wish you all make the best of this weather and focus on the people who matter most in your lives.

Fraternally Yours,

Kevin Logan
President GCC/IBT 100m