Why should I join GCC/Teamsters Local 100M?

It’s no secret that the gap between rich and poor in this country has been growing rapidly. While we Canadians tend to think of ourselves as being more progressive than our southern neighbours, recent data dispels this myth. According to a study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), income disparity in Canada is increasing at a higher rate than in the United States.

From Vancouver to Halifax, working people are watching their incomes stagnate while corporations receive over fifty billion dollars in tax cuts from the federal government.

So why are wealthy CEO’s and media pundits so eager to dismantle organized labour in Canada? Could it be that:

  • Hourly wages for full-time unionized workers are almost 20% greater than non-unionized workers. (Source: Statistics Canada)
  • Part-time unionized workers make nearly as much per hour as full-time non-unionized workers. (Source: Statistics Canada)
  • 80% of unionized workers have pensions in an economy where workplace pensions are typically scarce (Source: Canadian Labour Congress)

These are only three of the many benefits to joining a union. John Cartwright, a key labour organizer writes, “only unions possess the power to frustrate their [CEO’s] plans, and weakening unions is the key to lowering wages and benefits in tomorrow’s economy.”

Hoping and praying that someday the top 1% will allow their wealth to “trickle down” onto the rest of us is fantasy. Pay raises, retirement benefits, and workplace protections will only be possible when organized from the ground up. There’s strength in numbers and when you join GCC/Teamsters Local 100M, your opinion can’t be dismissed and your voice can’t be ignored.