Advantages to joining GCC/Teamster Local 100M

In today’s fragile economy, where downsizing and layoffs are a common occurrence, the union offers you the most valuable thing a working person can have –job security. Through your elected board of representatives, GCC/Teamster Local 100M makes this possible by:

  1. Negotiating a contract with your employer, which guarantees in writing your wages, hours, health and dental coverage, paid holidays, paid vacations and other working conditions.
  2. Enforcing the written contract by making sure that your employer lives up to his end of the agreement.
  3. Settling your grievances that can arise from time to time on the job.
  4. Organizing other workers in your industry in order to protect you and your employer from unfair competition.
  5. Holding meetings to keep you informed of the problems and achievement of fellow members in other plants.

Added up, the benefits and job security that come with joining a union clearly outweigh the cost of paying dues. It is the age-old story of how people banding together can secure benefits for each that not one could broker on their own.