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History of GCC/Teamster Local 100M

On October 8, 1889, 13 printing pressmen locals from Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Troy, Boston, Toronto, Denver, Detroit, Louisville, Seattle, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. met at 98 Forsyth Street in lower Manhattan to forge a stronger and more democratic voice for their craft. With the inclusion of press assistants eight years later and through … Read more …

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About James R. Hoffa

James R. Hoffa (born 1913) was a major historical figure in American labor history as a union leader and former President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Hoffa began his career with the Teamsters as a union organizer in Detroit in the early 1930s, where he became president of Local 299. He was first elected … Read more …

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Charles Dickens Quote

The Printer Without him, tyrants and humbugs in all countries would have their own way. He is a friend of intelligence and thought, a friend of liberty, of freedom, of law, indeed the friend of ever man who is a friend of order. Of all inventions, of all discoveries in science and art, of all … Read more …

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